Pony Profiles


HARRY.... is a 13yr old grey gelding who has won many showing competitions. He now enjoys being a party pony and unicorn!


SEB... Sebby as he is affectionately known is a welsh pony who has a lovely chocolate brown coat. We think he looks a bit like Bullseye, Sherrif Woody's horse from Toy Story!


MEGAN... she is the wise one, not a lot Megan doesn't know. Megs has given pony rides to 100s of children and has even been on stage before. She is now happy as one of our party ponies and sometimes she turns into a Unicorn!!!


RONNIE... A little spotty nose means its Ronnie! Ronnie is a grey appaloosa cross welsh pony. She loves to roll and get covered in mud and dirt which means she has a lot of baths.


SHAMROCK... Our little Irish pony who has the most gentle natured temperament and is a real sweetheart. Shamrock came from a riding school where she helped children with disabilities to ride.


Holly... is our smallest pony. She is a miniature Shetland. Holly is our assisted therapy pony's and also attends party's and events.

We used clip clop for our 6yr olds birthday. Our daughter had the best day ever she loved it from the minute they pulled onto the drive straight away helping groom the horses. Debbie even left the ponies manes coloured as an extra and gave Tia a lovely big rosette! Debbie and her helper were so lovely, really friendly all the children got two rides on the ponies. The ponies were really nice and looked lovely. All in all it was an amazing few hrs I couldn't recommend clip clop anymore they are amazing!!!

Jamie Lavery , Derby